• Ensure a skilled and qualified  workforce
  • Increase quality and output
  • Better team performance
  • Improve labour –management relations
  • Better health and safety record
  • Increase in retention of employees
  • Increase in staff promotion opportunities 
  • Trained staff  create more work productivity
  • Higher productivity results in bigger profits
  • Improved core skills can mean a reduction in wastage and saves money
  • Building your company’s reputation as a quality learning organisation


  • Increased confidence, motivation and knowledgePPL_160-2-e1335610083643
  • Higher value work and reward
  • Increase competency levels 
  • Higher skill levels
  • Enhance promotional prospects
  • Higher performance outcomes
  • Job satisfaction
  • Flexibility and competitiveness
  • Greater security of employment
  • New skills and knowledge can be applied in practical situations
  • Can better manage changes in work practices
  • Opens the door to additional educational opportunities  


“This  [Skills for Work]  programme was one of the initiatives that resulted in Woodie’s receiving recognition at IITD awards 2018 .At Woodie’s we see the benefits of work-based learning: Enables us to complete training around normal day-to-day activities. Upskilling drives colleague engagement & retention. On-the-job customer service & retail skills training has clear results in our Mystery Shopper Programme.”    (Woodies DIY) 

27 of our colleagues recently participated in a Skills for Work programme that ran over a 9 month period. Everyone was delighted with the outcome with the skill level improvements that we were targeting achieved. This was a very positive learning experience for everyone involved, a big thank you to the Skills for Work team that partnered with us to deliver such a successful training programme.”   (Nypro Bray)  

Over 200 workers attended Skills for Work courses and many of the staff have gotten promotions and better positions within the company. Others have gone on to third level and this is all down to the fact that they took up a Skills for Work course.(Irish Rail) 


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