Out in Force to Meet the Judges!

Corporal Vanessa Fox represented the Defence Forces when meeting the panel of Judge’s as part of the decision making process in choosing the AONTAS Star Award Winner 2018. Vanessa spoke about the many benefits the Skills for Work Career Preparation Course provided to the army staff who were about to leave the force and were returning to civilian life.

Meeting the judges in the Ashling Hotel were Marian Lynch, Geraldine O’Haire (SFW), Corp. Vanessa Fox and Paul Kilbride.

Paul Kilbride shared with the judges his experiences and why he participated in the Career Preparation Course highlighting the confidence it gave him adjusting to the life and family changes which occurred upon leaving the army. He also acknowledged that the course provided him with other opportunities to continue with his educational journey as part of the ETBs Adult Education Service. 

Delighted to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award, Skills for Work are now looking forward to the celebrations on the 5th March when AONTAS will announced the winners as part of the AONTAS Adult Learners Festival 5th – 9th March. 

More information about the AONTAS Star Awards can be found on www.aontas.com


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