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An Interview with SFW Co-ordinators!

Follow the link below and meet the SfW Co-ordinators as they share the many benefits of engaging with the Skills for Work Programme and on winning the AONTAS Nationwide Star Award 2015. 

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SFW Intensive Tuition Programme

Particiants from the Defence Forces in the Curragh with ETB tutors after completing their SFW Course

Particiants from the Defence Forces in the Curragh with ETB tutors after completing their SFW Course


As you are aware the Skills for Work course ran for 7 mornings over a three and a half week period in the Post Primary School here in the Curragh.

The feedback from the students was very positive as many of the skills covered would have been very new to them. The level of instruction was very good and  Angela’s interaction with the students was excellent. They felt very much at ease and became informal which they felt helped them.  I visited the course and got a pleasant feeling from the group.

The environment and resources of the Post Primary School were perfect and much appreciated by us.  Access to the internet allowed them search work related material and to conduct personal interest inventories which they found very useful.

All felt that they had their generic CV ready after the course which they now know needs to be modified for each job advertised.

The Adult Guidance Counselor gave them an appraisal of what is out there if they wish to plan for civilian life and return to education. Again this they felt was very beneficial as the group due to their age, may not have considered further education as a realistic option. Overall the students were delighted with the course.

I wish to thank you and Angela for meeting with me initially and accommodating us with the Skills for Work programme. I would hope that I could conduct another course here in the Curragh later in the year. Word has gotten around about the course and there is already queries about future courses. We could perhaps meet again in Sept / Oct to discuss this or other course options.

Regina Foley,  

Personnel Support Services Officer in the Curragh Camp

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Award Winning Business Woman of the Year meets SFW

SFW Co-ordinators Deirdre Gallagher and Marian O'Reilly with  Anna May McHugh, at the Kildare County Show

At the recent Kildare County Show, SFW Co-ordinators Deidre Gallagher and Marian O’Reilly were delight to meet Anna May McHugh who took time out of her busy schedule to discuss the SFW Programme and it’s delivery of workplace courses to employees across Ireland.

Anna May McHugh is the Managing Director/ Secretary of the National Ploughing Association (NPA) , a role which has made it possible for Ireland to be represented in the World Ploughing Championships and taking the  lead in hosting the 2016 World Ploughing Championships which were held in Carlow.

The SFW Co-ordinators are looking forward to meeting up with the NPA Managing Director as the next championships due to be held in September.

In 2013 Anna May won the 2013 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award.


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SFW Participants Feedback – Defense Forces

Testimonial received by Defence Force on behalf of the participants on completing their SFW Course


Here is some positive feedback in relation to the Skills for Work course that took place in Lucan. The course was over 3 1/2 days spread out over two weeks which allowed time to reflect on the completed work. The instructors [tutors] where contagiously enthusiastic and it was evident all instructor [tutors] had researched the subject knowledge and also had a very extensive insight into our organisation. The resources and facilities that were available to us was unexpected, every member had a PC with Internet access, two lecture  rooms at our disposal, hard copies in the form of handouts and soft copies in the form of a USB key. The course content was as follows.

  1. Introduction and layout of the course.
  2. CV preparation.
  3. Cover letter preparation.
  4. Social media networking & job searching.
  5. Interview skills.
  6. Mock interview with positive criticism.
  7. Educational benefits and reflection.

The introduction and the layout of the course was a detailed description of the workload to be completed, and a safety brief. CV preparation was most beneficial as it covered the correct layout of a CV, what an employer is looking for and the changeover of military jargon to civilian terminology.

Due to the fact there were small numbers on the course. The tutor had time to help and guide every student in the creation of their CV .Every evening CV’s where handed in for critiquing and handed back the next day so the students were continuously improving and this set the tone for the course.  On the completion of this course every member had the very comprehensive CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview experience, interview techniques and the ability to job search confidently. This would allow people to start looking for employment immediately. In the students opinion this course was extremely practical in nature with a hands-on approach by the instructors,

Sgt Treacy,


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